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Online Learning: A Parent’s Perspective

Over the last two years we have been running pilot programs for LiveSchool.  We recently received an email from one of the parents of a pupil who has been home schooled using learn online and LiveSchool, this is what they said…

We found LearnOnline + LiveSchool purely by accident whilst searching the internet for online UK specific courses, but quickly realised how lucky we had been to find their programme.
We have home educated for a long time and have tried many different online providers. LearnOnline immediately stood out for us as the programme has evolved from a bricks & mortar UK school with a sizable student population, which means that their collective experience in preparing a wide ability group to sit the UK secondary exams is very high.  This experience is immediately apparent in their well prepared online, real time LiveSchool lessons. LiveSchool also makes it easier for our daughters to stay focused and complete their homework in a timely manner as there is a schedule of weekly classes delivered by a dedicated and motivated teacher with an interest for their subject. It is also motivating to encounter other students in the LiveSchool lessons and see their progress.
We were very lucky with the individual teachers for the LiveSchool classes. Our youngest daughter is incredibly happy with her maths teacher’s approach but especially with her super fast response for marking and responding when she has questions on homework or past papers, such dedication in a teacher really motivates the student to deliver good work too. Our eldest daughter is enjoying her Computer Science LiveSchool too, with this subject she is learning so much new jargon as well as practical skills. It is especially important to have regular sessions with a real life teacher to become truly confident with all the unfamiliar phrases and skills.
Practically and administratively LearnOnline + LiveSchool also makes it easy, we are based in Switzerland and our daughters will be able to sit all their exams at Pembrokeshire College in Wales, which provides real peace of mind. Finally their front end office is very responsive to all my queries and have helped me understand the UK exam boards more easily, especially as it is going through so many changes in the formatting and grading of courses and exams. All materials needed have been sent out very fast and the online learning system was set up with ease and is good to use.

It is always gratifying to know that our work as educationalists is received well, helping young people achieve their full potential.
If you are planning to homeschool your children then choose LiveSchool as your learning platform.

We have enrolled both our daughters in various new courses with LiveSchool and LearnOnline and I would warmly recommend their approach to online education.