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New IGCSE Grading (9-1)

From 2017, IGCSE/GCSE examination grades are changing. The current A-G grading system is being replaced by a 9-1 grading system, but what does this mean for your child?
The grading change adds two more “grades”, currently A-G means you are graded in 1 of 7, whereas under the new system you are graded in 1 of 9, meaning your grade will be a better reflection of your ability (there will no longer be the situation where a high C and a low C learner are graded the same).  These extra grades also allow the very high achievers to be acknowledged; The new 9 grade represents the very top of the current A* structure, identifying a learner who has achieved exceptional results.
LiveSchool follows the Edexcel IGCSE specifications, please see below the Exexcel 9-1 explanatory diagram.

Edexel have also produced and explanatory video and Parents Guide to explain how the new 9-1 grading works, why it has been created, and how it will affect your child’s grade, please click here to read the Parents Guide.
For more information on the Edexel 9-1 grading, please visit the Edexel website.

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September 2017 Cohort

We are now taking applications for the 2017 cohort in IGCSE and A Level subjects.  If you are home schooling your children and want them to achieve recognised Edexel IGCSE qualifications please register your interest on the Liveschool application 2017 page.